Wednesday July 28th, 1999 1pm
Susan checks into the hospital with P.I.H. under direction of her doctor (Dr. Charles Stedman). Susan is 1-2 cm dilated.

Wednesday July 28th, 1999 6pm
Susan looks to be fine. The doctor tentatively schedules induction for 3pm Thursday afternoon. Susan is still 1-2 cm.

Thursday July 29th, 1999 3pm
No sign of the doctor or any induction. They move us out of Labor and Delivery and back into Women's Ward Room 379. We don't know if that means they are releasing Susan or maybe C-section was decided. Susan still 1-2cm.

Thursday July 29th, 1999 7pm
Although we were repeatedly told that Dr. Stedman was going to come by and talk to us, he never did. A nurse tells us that Susan is scheduled for induction at 5am on Friday. Stedman, is now "out-of-town" and the on-call doctor will be delivering the baby.

Friday July 30th, 1999 3am
I decided not to go home and return at 5am. GOOD THING! As the phenomenon goes, women seem to go into labor right before a scheduled induction. Susan's water broke at 2:50 and heavy contractions started. At 3am she was 3cm dilated and by 4am she was 4cm.

Friday July 30th, 1999 5am
Susan is moved back into L&D room #1 and given Pitocin and an Epidural (this was recommended due to both the PIH and the likelihood of a c section). Still 4cm.

Friday July 30th, 1999 7:45am
Susan hasn't progressed much. I went to go eat breakfast with my father while Linda and Susan's mom went to stay with Susan.

Friday July 30th, 1999 8:00am
Linda and Susan's mom show up at the Cafeteria to tell me Susan went from 4 to 9cm since I left. (Get back upstairs)

Friday July 30th, 1999 9:00am
Susan was complete (10cm) by the next hour. They started Susan on heavy PUSHING at 9:20 and gave her 3 hours to deliver before something would have to be decided.

Friday July 30th, 1999 11:00am
By 11:00, the head could be seen emerging but considerable progress would have to be made in an hour. Susan and I decided to get to work. When the nurse wasn't there we did the pushing techniques ourselves. The Putosin drip wasnt going in the IV very successfully so that had to be monitored constantly.

Friday July 30th, 1999 11:45am
One of the resident doctors came in and even though Susan had gotten the baby almost to crowning, it looked like that last step wasn't going to be made. She had Susan fill out C-section forms. Dr. Echt (on-call partner of Stedman) was going to come in at 12:30 and make a decision.

Friday July 30th, 1999 12:30pm
Susan had diligently pushed that baby as much as she could. All the doctors and nurses were amazed. Dr. Echt came in and said that the pubic bone was holding the baby back and that a little help of forceps should work. They were going to take Susan into the Operating Room and try TWO contractions to deliver with forceps... then it would be time for a C-section.

Friday July 30th, 1999 12:45pm
Susan was wheeled into the O.R. and I was put into scrubs. They gave Susan only ONE chance (contraction) to push the baby out with forceps because Susan's tempature was 103.

Friday July 30th, 1999 1:01pm
On the fourth attempt of the first contraction the baby came out (virtually the LAST chance before a c-section). IT's A BOY! Susan and child were running a a fever, but everything else looks fine:

       Wyatt Avery Gilleland

              Weight:   8lbs 8oz
               Height:   21" long
               Hair:   Brown
               Eyes:   Blue

Saturday July 31th, 1999 2:00pm
I am home to feed the dog and what not. I updated the site, too. Susan and Wyatt's blood tests came back normal so far. Susan was given anti-biotics for the fever. Wyatt's went down on its own. Susan will be released 48 hours AFTER her fever breaks.

Wyatt Wyatt

Wyatt Wyatt

Wyatt Video    Baby Wyatt's first video.
    11 Seconds
    Sat. 7/31/99 @ 11am