It's A New Age For Rats

Letting the dogs out back
into the spotlight-illuminated yard,
I noticed the birdfeeder
near the back fence moving…
“It’s awfully dark for birds
or squirrels to be feeding”,
I thought, walking towards
the swaying feeder. As I
drew near, two closely-spaced
rat’s eyes stared back into mine.

“Good Lord! When Linda learns
a rat is coming to our yard,
she’ll have a forked fit!”
My wife Linda, like lots
of people, detests rats and
mice. “Nasty creatures. Just
kill them all! “I’ll have to
put out poison or set out traps
to get rid of the vermin.”

Coming back inside, Linda
is just hanging up the phone.
“That was Susan. You’d never
guess. Our three-year-old grandson
Wyatt now has two new pets.
Fancy rats! With a ‘condo home’
for them to live in. Susan says
rats make really nice pets.
And Wyatt already loves them.”

Harry Edward Gilleland      03.14.02    printer friendly