Ahh, Teenager Ways

A neighbor's teenager threw a party last night, causing much grief.
All evening long there was a parade of cars, just arrived or just left,
many emitting music way too loud, bass vibrating so's to rattle teeth.
Don't they realize music so loud could cause them to someday go deaf?

A typical teenager party - yelling, laughing, music blaring - a noisy affair.
Congregating outside, sitting on cars, raising a ruckus, just having fun,
late into the night the neighborhood was disturbed - what did they care!
The abundance of litter left behind became apparent with the morning sun.

Pepper and Rusty thought on their morning walk they'd hit the jackpot!
McDonald's bags with french fries, candy wrappers, empty cigarette packs,
beer cans were all worthy of their investigation, my liking it or not.
"Leave those alone! None of those are good for dogs; that's simply the facts."

Come to think of it, greasy fried food, pure sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes
are none too healthy for teenagers as well. Surely they must know
for consuming all these unhealthy products one day they'll have regrets.
(Warnings of problems decades away carry no weight. It's always been so.
When I was a teenager, did health concerns at age 45 ever stop me? No..)

Harry Edward Gilleland      03.13.02    printer friendly