What Man Has Accomplished

This afternoon when I took my dogs outside for their ‘break’,
way up high a jet plane was writing white marks in the sky.
Suddenly I thought how miraculous it is that man can make
a machine that flies, operated by a person just like you or I.

Man has harnessed water to be where he wants it on demand.
He directs electricity to light, power, cook, or cool on command.
Petroleum is ‘cracked’ so he can drive 600 miles on the interstate.
If he wants information, he goes to Internet, getting it without wait.

Man has learned to ‘open’ the human body to put in a new heart,
to repair injury from a gunshot, or to remove some cancerous part.
For preventing many infectious diseases, he now takes a vaccine.
Prospects for cloning people is now scary, if you know what I mean.

Motors and machines, from my SUV to my computer, all mystify me.
Buildings like the Roman Coliseum or the Taj Mahal are amazing to see.
Modern ability to phone, fax, and email anytime anywhere on this earth
constantly continues to astound and prove its incomparable worth.

I’m not particularly mechanically oriented; so I remain dazzled by it all.
I worry breaking the DNA code, splitting the atom may be Man’s downfall.
As for myself, I’m attempting one of Man’s hardest tasks – you all know it,
trying to convince the moderators at certain forums I actually am ‘a poet’!!

Harry Edward Gilleland      03.11.02    printer friendly