The Other View

R..U..M..B..L..E...... R...U...M...B...L...E....

Looking at the rapidly darkening sky,
the young mother thinks “Please, no! Oh, why
does it have to rain on my son’s fourth birthday??
His 15 party guests would all stay inside to play!”

Looking at the rapidly darkening sky,
the old farmer thinks, “Please! It’s so nearby.
Please let it come a good rain that doesn’t stop
until it ends this drought and saves my crop.”

As the rain suddenly arrives in blowing sheets,
...the mother rolls her eyes; “It’ll be a long afternoon.”
...the farmer drops to his knees; “This comes none too soon.”

“Hurry! Run! We still may not be too late!”
The young father herds his children toward their gate.

“Why are we still sitting here! This long delay will mean
I’ll miss my connecting flight. I’d hate to cause a scene,
but this annoys the hell out of me.” so thought
the old businesswoman; all her anger going for naught.

“Hurray! Our plane’s still here. We made it. We did!”
Happiness filled him upon avoiding a layover with his kids.

Thus it is with many situations we encounter in life.
What brings one person happiness, brings another strife.

Harry Edward Gilleland      03.08.02    printer friendly