Progress Where I Live

Our subdivision used to be a bit down
the highway, right at the edge of town,
surrounded by bayous and cotton fields,
miles from conveniences - no big deal.

Quiet, green open spaces, woods and wildlife
were all a part of everyday neighborhood life.
Being ten minutes down the highway from the nearest
McDonaldís - small price to pay for what I did cherish.

Twenty-five years brought some changes - quite a few.
Thatís progress - replacing the old way with the new.
Quiet has yielded to angry bumper to bumper traffic.
Woods and greenery got buried by modern demographics.
Shreveport rode its growth spurt down our highway.
Thereís more concrete and new construction every day.

Within mere blocks I now have six shopping malls.
K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, SAMís - I have Ďem all!
Plus a dozen car dealerships, 3 grocery stores, 8 banks,
22 restaurants, a 16-theater CinePlex. Want more? No thanks!

Progress has to happen, but for what Iíve lost Iím so sad.
(My property value has skyrocketed. For that Iím glad.)
Young folks never seem to understand when to them I say
Iíd trade all this ĎProgressí for the peaceful life of yesterday.

Harry Edward Gilleland      3.05.02