The Day Rusty Finally Caught A Squirrel!

My beloved Corgi Rusty is really quite the card.
I love watching him out playing in our fenced backyard.
He pushes his basketball for hours around and around.
‘Herding’ it surely helps in keeping his weight down.
Rusty is really sweet and smart, but none too brave,
although for years he did manage successfully to save
our backyard from experiencing a dreaded squirrel invasion.
He’s had them scurrying for their lives on many occasions.
Afterwards, like a springbok gazelle he bounds and prances,
doing his version of those post-touchdown end-zone dances.
Thank goodness, squirrels instinctively are afraid of ‘Rover’.
Nature intended it to be that way the wide world over.
Well, last week Rusty finally met his match.
When he ran outside another squirrel to dispatch,
this squirrel stood his ground, bringing our routine to grief.
Who knew a foot-tall squirrel has four-inch-long front teeth!!
Now whenever Rusty wants to go outside to play,
first I have to go chase all those mean old squirrels away….

Harry Edward Gilleland      03.02.02    printer friendly



This poem won the SoulStarz Galaxy poetry forum's SUNSPOTS AWARD.