True Love Is.....

Valentine’s Day is all together too commercial a way,
to say to someone holding your heart “I Love You”.
True love is not said with cards, flowers, or candies!
Rather such love is spoken daily by how you do.

True love is..
..making your wife coffee each morning as soon as you get up,
      even though never in your life have you ever drunk a cup.
..after her tiring shopping day, massaging her sore feet
      when at the end of the long day you two finally greet.
..the dog needing to go out at dawn, your sneaking out of bed,
      so your sleeping wife won’t have to awaken instead.
..since you are frightfully allergic to all kinds of grass,
      her always doing the mowing without your having to ask.
..on a hot August afternoon, while she is mowing the grass,
      taking her a drink of iced tea in a tall, tall glass.
..permanently taking the chore of vacuuming the carpets in the house,
      because vacuuming would aggravate that bad back of your spouse.
..surprising her by bringing home for supper ‘carry-out Chinese’,
      when after her hard day you’re trying her burdens to ease.
..sitting on the sofa beside her watching gardening on HGTV,
      making like there isn't a football game you’d rather see.
..graciously putting up with her annoying best friend, all the while
      thinking of your love for your wife, so enduring it with a smile. unexpected gifts all throughout the year to your wife,
      just to constantly remind her she is the true love of your life.
..True love is all this and more! It is....

Harry Edward Gilleland      02.13.02    printer friendly