On A Dog Howling At 3 A.M.

“Arruhhh. Arruhhhh.” The dog’s plaintive howl pierced the night.
“Listen to that dog howling! It just now turned 3 a.m.
I need my sleep. Call those neighbors. This just isn’t right.”
His wife replied “We don’t have the phone number for them.
He belongs to that old couple who live a couple of houses down.
I see them around, but I don’t even know their last name.”
“Well, in the morning I’m going over to remind them this town
has a noise ordinance - loud music or barking dog - all the same.”

“Man, that dog was howling from three a.m. until after dawn.
My night’s sleep was ruined - all terribly inconvenient for me.
Today we have our big meeting, and now the boss will see me yawn.”
His wife said “Just let me talk to them. You finish your coffee.
You’re too angry! You’d be overly rude, ending up in a verbal fight.
They are early risers. I’ll go right over and complain. All right?”

“Well, what did they say? Did you tell them how mad I am still?”
“I feel bad. There I’m complaining about our losing sleep to his wife,
and it turns out that early last night the man took suddenly ill.
His wife rushed him to the hospital in order to save his life.
I plan on ordering flowers and taking over a casserole today
because the man died -- at precisely 3 a.m., by the way.”

Harry Edward Gilleland      1.19.02    printer friendly