Missing Your Warmth

During your call tonight you actually asked if I were missing you.
Oh, Sweetheart, if you knew, if you only knew!
With you away this week, the house has been terribly empty, so cold.
The warmth you generate has been sorely missed, the truth be told.

Were you here now I’d tweak your nose gently and then playfully say,
The laundry room stayed cold since the dryer wasn’t run with you away.
The kitchen remained unheated from the lack of your cooking or baking.
The bathroom at morning was frigid; normally your shower has it steaming.
Each night when I climbed in, the bed was chilly, unwarmed by your body heat.
Why, with you away, how did you expect me to even warm up my feet!

But you’d smile knowingly, realizing it isn’t this physical heat that I miss.
Rather it is the warmth that fills my heart with every tender kiss,
The way in which your smile, your laugh, your presence nurtures, consoles,
And radiates ‘heat’ that warms not my body but my innermost soul.
Married to you so long, I tend to take you for granted like the very sun.
This ‘eclipse’ has reminded me you fill my life with light, warmth, and fun.

Have a safe trip home to me, My Darling!

Harry Edward Gilleland      1.16.02    printer friendly