On Advice From A Women's TV Talkshow

The other day I just happened to see
one of those women's talkshows on TV.
(I was killing time 'channel flipping' while waiting
for my football game to begin; now don't be thinking
I watch such women's programs regularly, okay?)
This show had two different topics that particular day.
One was "eye candy" - how people judge others by their looks.
(How silly! Appearances can't reveal us good guys from the crooks.)
Since appearance is how people decide what we are,
changing our outward looks can supposedly help us go far.
The viewers were challenged to try this simple experiment :
See how changing your hairstyle or color can bring enjoyment.
Everyone was to become either a blond or redhead for one day.
It works! I went redheaded, and everyone directed a big smile my way.
(Now I have to try to get this red dye off my bald head....
Unless Martha Stewart has a plan, I may need to buy a hat instead.)
The second topic on that TV show was to learn to listen
to our "intuitive self", avoid our brain overriding gut-feelings too often.
I tried this also! The next day I won $100 on slots at the casino.
On the way out, my 'gut' picked then to talk to me, wouldn't you know.
My 'gut' said "Go to the roulette table and bet it all on black."
When red came up, I found my 'gut' now refused to talk back.
From seeing this women's TV show, I did learn one thing sensible.
Now I better understand why a woman's behavior is so incomprehensible!

Harry Edward Gilleland      12.30.01    printer friendly



This poem won the SoulStarz Galaxy poetry forum's SUNSPOTS AWARD.