An Old Man and An Old Dog Walking Together

The man and the dog take a walk per their routine
The man is old and the dog is old
To each Father Time has been rather mean
Neither has much longer to live, truth be told,
The years have slowed their once brisk pace
Arthritic joints now malfunction instead
They plod along smoothly occupying the same space
Communicating with merely a look or nod of head,
This trek shared innumerable times before
Remains a bonding experience between friends
The affection shared could not be more
The loving devotion to be broken only as life ends,
As they walk the man is lost in memories
Of children raised, wives buried, significant dates
The dog is concerned only with the watering of trees
Oblivious to their rapidly approaching fates,
The man looks down upon the dog with sorrow
The dog's response is wagging tail, raised head
The man bears full weight of death tomorrow
The dog knows only happy ignorance until dead.

Harry Edward Gilleland      08.13.01    printer friendly