On Following Doctor's Orders

The advice in these lines from a man of fifty and eight
All of you in your forties should heed before too late
You'd better be good, not like me naughty
Follow your doctor's advice if you wish to remain haughty
For years my doctor told me to lighten my scales
But every confounded diet I attempt fails
I was supposed to eliminate foods high in fat
But the rich taste I love is due primarily to that
So I just continued to eat whatever I please
This morning's omelet had ham with extra cheese
Cigarettes I consume at the rate of two packs a day
My doctor warned me to quit but there was no way
I was advised to exercise a whole lot more
But somehow I just couldn't get myself out the door
When I settled down on the couch you should note
Every electronic device in the house I worked by remote
Please,please pay attention whatever you do
Deep inside you doubt that this could ever happen to you
But for years the doctor's advice I have been scorning
My emergency cardiac quadruple by-pass is in the morning.

Harry Edward Gilleland      08.13.01    printer friendly