Before Those Aliens Came

America was once quite a wonderful place
This was before those aliens came
Life was good and sweet in nearly every case
This was before those aliens came.

Our world as a whole had a future so bright
Even though everything we did may not have been right
Jobs were plentiful, the economy strong
Houses affordable, gas-guzzling cars not thought wrong
Quite a great place to raise your family, all the same
This was before those aliens came.

We did have faults,apparent upon deeper thought
For instance, last century four wars we fought
Plus bias and prejudice were an everyday endeavor
Whites discriminated against Blacks,Orientals,Hispanics,Whatever
The rich ignored the plight of the poor;many abuses I could name
This was before those aliens came.

Our comfortable world ended violently during the first attack
When suddenly all of civilization was knocked far back
Into a place of darkness, evil, and great waste
Since to those aliens all races of people suited their taste
Prey to their predator, hunted nearly to extinction
It was not by virtue of his intellect or some grand invention
That remnants of mankind managed to survive at all
No, some unknown bacterium caused the aliens' downfall
Now as we begin to rebuild, to restore our world past
When we do rarely encounter another fellow human, at last
We no longer see color or race, merely mankind like us the same
It is to Man's utter disgrace and shame
That this viewpoint was never pervasive before those aliens came.

Harry Edward Gilleland      08.12.01    printer friendly