Poor Little Sparrow

Poor little sparrow, so discriminated against.
People spend their money on birdfeeders and seed,
Then don't want you to come eat or even sit on their fence.
They don't even care if you are so hungry and in need.

They want the cardinal, bluejay, mocking bird, and dove.
It's the brightly colored bird that sings a pretty song
That they want to feed, whose company they love.
But to me, their hostility toward you is all wrong.

It matters not that your plumage is only drab brown.
I admit that you travel in flocks, all noisy and pesky,
That your aggressiveness at the feeder makes watchers frown,
And that your temperament can only be described as testy.

However, for such a small bird you are awfully brave.
You doggedly stand your ground against birds triple your size.
And it's not a conscious choice on your part to misbehave.
You are only following natural instinct with no compromise.

So come to the feeders in my back yard and eat your fill.
All of God's creatures have the undeniable right to thrive.
Be as pushy and cantankerous at the feeder as you will.
I can't help but smile as I watch you so energetic, so alive.

Harry Edward Gilleland      10.22.01    printer friendly