A Letter Stuck In The Mail Chute

I go to mail a letter, and what do I see?
There in the building's mail chute as stuck as could be
Is a letter wedged catercorner between the glass and the wall
Having been caught and stopped in mid-fall.

This is one letter that might never get delivered.
My mind is filled with possibilities as the consequences are considered.
It might contain an extremely important office memo,
The contents of which its intended receiver now would never know.

Maybe it is someone's payment of an already overdue bill.
Not ever arriving, their good credit it would endanger still.
It could be a party invitation that now would never be received,
Causing the non-recipient to become hurt and greatly peeved.

Or, maybe it is a letter full of deep feelings and emotion
Sent to apologize for a lovers' quarrel, seeking reconciliation.
The other lover might remain mad and their relationship end,
Their futures altered, not what it might have been.
This undelivered letter might cause them to end up not marrying,
That this woman would now never one day his baby be carrying.

Who knows : What opportunity might now be missed, what great
Calamity might now befall, just how big a disaster this stuck letter rates.
Oh,my! What should I do? What action should I take?
I simply must notify the mail room at once, I must...but wait!
A large envelope just came down the chute, knocking the letter free.
So none of my imagined consequences will ever come to be!

Harry Edward Gilleland      10.14.01    printer friendly