“I am right while you are wrong!
It is just to kill to further my cause.”
Zealots march to a disharmonious song,
becoming beasts with savage teeth and claws.

In the name of Allah, Muslim terrorists
slaughter innocent women, children, men.
In the name of Allah, murderers and rapists
committing atrocities…when will this ever end?

For God, country, and their race, white supremacists
violated civil rights of blacks and Jews for many years.
For sake of developing fetuses, fanatical anti-abortionists
will harass, even kill – to win control by creating fears.
Placing the welfare of mice over men, animal activists
delay research that one day may save many mothers’ tears.

Passion for their cause replaces reason in the minds
of zealots, who seek to force all others to think, to live
as they do…even if it kills them. In zealots, one finds
they have no compassion, no mercy, no tolerance to give.

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.12.04    printer friendly