Community Kindness

In the neighborhood park,
a large bird falls to the ground.
Too weak to fly away,
it lies there without a sound.

Soon a group of children
discover it and gather around.
“It’s a young owl. It must be sick.”
They show an adult what they’ve found.

The adult carries the bird
to the neighborhood vet,
who says, “It’s starving,
but there’s hope for it yet.

“This owl is unable to hunt.
Damaged eyes have left it blind,
but there is an expensive operation
that would make it see fine.”

The community is touched
by the unfortunate bird’s plight.
They all donate money to pay
for the owl to regain its sight.

Once the operation is done,
the bird recovers for awhile,
then is released into the setting sun,
as all the people cheer and smile.

A homeless family who live
in that same neighborhood park
go hungry, dirty, and sick as they
shiver through nights cold and dark.

The father finds a newspaper
and about that owl does read.
“These people are sure full of love
and kindness…once they see a need.”

Harry Edward Gilleland      08.19.04    printer friendly