Susie Should Have Studied Her Poetry

Susie woke up in her dorm room face down on her bed.
Hundreds of drums were pounding, pounding in her head.
The night before she was supposed to study, but instead
She had made a mistake that might leave her dead.

Susie had let friends talk her into going to some bar.
"It won't take long, only a short walk since it's not very far."
But Susie had somehow ended up with a guy in the back seat of his car.
Thus the door to potential calamity had been knocked ajar.

Now Susie among 18-year-old college freshmen wasn't the first
To be overcome by her passion after satisfying her alcoholic thirst.
In fact, compared to many others her actions were far from the worst,
But still she had broken all those rules she knew chapter and verse.

Susie had lost track of time and drank way too much beer.
Would that boy now leer at her with a conquering sneer?
Remorseful and worried thoughts now brought to her eye a tear.
Her drunken 'fun' this morning had now turned into fear.

Susie had possibly exposed herself to AIDS or some other sexual disease.
Oh,no! She might even have gotten herself pregnant, if you please.
It would take months before her mind could return completely to ease.
All because instead of studying her poetry Susie had gotten drunk and spread her knees.

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.28.01    printer friendly