The Beginning

For every travelerís journey must begin
in this land of enchantment and magic,
a place where heroes never lose, always win,
where storiesí endings are happy, never tragic...

This region shelters fairies and monsters alike.
Here animals all converse and dragons breathe fire.
Days are filled with adventures that imaginations spike,
and at night monsters may attack from the darkened mire.

This place is both fearsome and wondrous to behold,
most confusing and frightening to traverse if all alone,
for things arenít always true among whatís seen or told.
Guides accompany Ė to teach, to praise, to make atone.

A knight, the bravest and strongest found in all the land,
a wizard who can concoct healing potions, marvelous meals,
mark the way, protecting as they lead gently by the hand.
Small wonder why this magical kingdom so strongly appeals.

The years do pass; this territory is crossed all too soon.
The travelerís grown large in size, in wisdom...Forevermore
the trust and wonder, the innocence is lost, harpooned
by doubt and suspicion. The fairies can be seen no more!

The traveler rushes through the portal, quite eager it seems
to leave this land far behind; yet a secret longing to return,
to recapture this happy place will forever live in his dreams,
for, to see lifeís charms like a child, the adult can only yearn.

Harry Edward Gilleland      03.09.04    printer friendly