A Journey Home

There across the expansive valley --
a valley lush and green,
now decorated so gaily
with summer flowers
of many hues and sweet of scent,
above which float butterflies,
dragonflies, and honey bees
creating an idyllic scene
that sparkles under the noonday sun -
there upon the far hillside lies
my journey's end, if her I please.

Before the war, this cursed war,
our betrothal lovingly was made --
young lovers torn apart by folly of man.
Have the four long years of absence
caused that love since to be betrayed?
I pray not...I pray for my journey's end.
So weary am I of fighting, bloodshed,
the stench of death, the ugliness of man!

I long to bask in the glory of nature,
to farm this land, to raise a family,
to live in peace and harmony,
to never again leave this valley,
to share my life and love with her,
if she loves me yet...soon I'll see.

As I stride through the valley,
I see her hanging clothes on the line.
Then she sees me. She stands immobile,
as if trying to decide. Does she love me still?
Will my journey have found its end,
or will it today just begin?
Her next action decides her fate and mine.

Uncertain, I slow my pace...and wait...
A shout of joy! Her washing falls
from her hand, as she now starts to walk
toward me; then she runs, arms open,
ready to embrace. We hug. We kiss.
Our tears and our hearts merge…all's
right in my world. I am home! Home...
to a place in her heart. It's not too late!

Harry Edward Gilleland      01.31.04    printer friendly