Good Or Evil?

What say you? Is the true base nature of Man
good, or is it evil? Is Man much more inclined
to love or to hate? The modern biologist can
argue that Man by nature is determined to find
the means to ensure the immortality of his DNA –
procreation, survival of his descendants by any way.

Man will love, assist, invest his emotional concern
in family and friends because, from prehistoric past
selfishness that he long, long ago did well learn,
he subconsciously knows they help his offspring to last.

Toward strangers Man usually shows scant love, but
if not hate, rather he feels for them apathy – for they aid
not his biological purpose in life. Unspoken is: of what
use are they to him? Thusly, is Man’s indifference made.

The theologian argues the biologist is wrong, that Man was
made in the image of God and, therefore, man is good.
But, Man is an altogether too pale an imitation that does
not embody love and charity in his heart as he should.
Man may well love a select few – but he readily hates whole
races, entire nations, and has let millions die, truth be told.

What say you then? Good or evil – which is Mankind about?
In our world of hatred and wars, will love and peace break out?

Harry Edward Gilleland      07.01.03    printer friendly