Mother And Child

The mother huddles with her child.
“Don't cry. It will end in a little while.”
Thunderous percussions shake the town,
as death and destruction rain down.

“Mother, why are they trying to kill us?”
“They are an evil race who wickedly lust
to have all worldly assets under their control,
invading while their virtues they so piously extol.”

“Mother, will there ever be peace in the world?”
“Men have a strange love of war, my darling girl,
that brings so many horrors, so many sorrows
to fill all our todays...and perhaps our tomorrows.”

“Mother, will I live to have a daughter one day?”
“Baby, you mustn’t fret. Just have faith and pray...”
The last sound they hear is the Nazi V-2 bomb burst,
adding to London's civilian casualties...war at its worst.

Harry Edward Gilleland      04.10.03    printer friendly