End Of Summer Of 1957

When I was young, a boy of idle summers
that went to playing ball – basket-, foot-, or base- --
for the simple years from 1950 to ’57, I did number
among my friends two as best. We went every place.

All year long, in school or out, we three were together.
The two were siblings to one another. The younger and I
became best buddies because each excelled, for none other
around compared, at all sports. We competed! Each would try

to outdo the other. We were usually placed on opposing teams
for pickup games around the neighborhood. For years we always
tackled each other harder, roughhoused stronger, until it seemed
our bodies stayed abraded, bruised. Ah, those were sweet days!

Then, tragically, end of summer of ’57, it all came to a bitter end.
I recall not understanding it back then. Why must my perfect world
turn upside down as the age of twelve approached? That’s when
my tomboy friend got breasts…hormones…and became a GIRL!

Harry Edward Gilleland      02.26.03    printer friendly