Living Behind Protective Walls

How is your life in there,
there in your own private little world?
Do you live without a care,
safe even if someone dares to give you a swirl?

The high walls that surround and protect you
always keep the outside world at bay.
People may try, tap, tap, tapping as they do
on your wall, to get you to look their way,

but none may touch you, none may cause you hurt.
Secure within your prison, you are to be admired,
never to be engaged. Quite disinterested and curt,
you go your separate way. Do you ever get tired,

tired of being so alone, the only inhabitant inside
your space? Your aggression, your hostility are
renown; such antisocial behavior does your beauty hide!
As you scavenge oxygen from the plant atop your jar,

for you itís a long and contented life I do wish,
you beautiful but mean Siamese fighting fish.

Harry Edward Gilleland      02.11.03    printer friendly