Books Of Lives

The angel, newly assigned to library duties,
is being given the tour. “In this wing is housed
the books of lives collection. Treat them with care, please.
Each volume is unique – a treasure.” His curiosity aroused,

he inquires “Exactly what is a book of life anyway?”
“Each book represents the mind of a human alive
on Earth – all his memories, experiences, learning from day
of birth ‘til now, his collected knowledge and wisdom derived

through years of living, his values, his beliefs, his insight.
No two books are ever precisely the same. You never know
what will be inside upon reading. In one you well might
find love and understanding, logic and brilliant thinking so

that it makes your heart soar. The very next book can
be filled with bitterness, prejudice, and such hateful thoughts
it brings tears. These books embody the best, the worst of Man.
Notice some are quite thick and ever expanding. You ought

to read these. Ignore those volumes that are pitifully thin
and have had no pages added in decades.” The angel guide
takes down a massive tome and has just opened it when
it turns to dust, crumbling in his hand. The angel sighs.

“That human just died. The contents of his mind vanished,
now lost forever to his fellow humans.” “Such minds so
filled with experience and wisdom must be venerated
on Earth!” “Many belong to the elderly. Valued? No…”

Friendly Musings

Harry Edward Gilleland      10/19.02    printer friendly