The Widow Is Coping

Next door neighbors.
High school sweethearts.
Fifty-five years of faithful marriage.
A lifetime of love…a love so pure.
Carniverous cancer…
Mourning for months.

“Are you getting sufficient sleep, Mother?”
“I dream of your father…
and wake up crying.”

“Are you eating enough, Mother?”
“It’s not my stomach that craves nourishment…
but my heart.”

“It was beautiful today. Did you take a walk?”
“My days are all bleak and dreary…
the sun no longer shines on me.”

“Are you keeping busy? Your crocheting will occupy you…
and keep your mind off missing Daddy.”
“Crocheting does help. I’m up to my ass in doilies.”

Harry Edward Gilleland      10.13.02    printer friendly