Casino Gambling

While some may consider gambling to be a sin
I treasure those casinos in which I've been,
The sights and sounds I truly enjoy
Even though I recognize all is a clever ploy
Bright flashing lights, noise galore
All designed to make you stay and lose more,
Whether playing slot machine or table game
The final result is almost always the same
That adrenalin rush from the occasional win
Causes you to try and try again
Free drinks served all around
So that you will lose without even a frown.
The very next hand could put you over the top
Careful or before long you cannot stop!
As entertainment casinos offer a lot of fun
Ever get ahead,better take the money and run
Because the odds never will go your way
Please believe me when this I say
Plan on losing your money, for goodness sake
Expect to win, and quite the fool you'll make

Harry Edward Gilleland      08.09.01    printer friendly