The Existence Of Angels

“Do you believe in the existence of angels?”
one scientist asks another, sitting, drinking
a cup of coffee, taking a break from the daily rigor
of scientific thinking. “Why ask such a thing?
Since I am not religious, you should rightly figure

that I do not, and I expect that neither do you.”
“Well, I have never thought of it as possible,
but lately I have wondered whether it might be true.
My wife’s parents were church-going folks of incredible

faith. Her father died from kidney failure just a few
years ago. One morning he said, and he was quite lucid,
that during the night an angel – he claimed he knew
by the white robe, golden halo, brilliant light that did

fill the room – came to tell him a place in Heaven
was ready for him....He then died a few hours later.”
“The toxins circulating from kidney dysfunction in seven
of every ten patients will cause hallucinations greater

than his.” “Her mother came down with multi-organ
metastatic cancer, including liver and brain, this year.
The doctors said that she would need morphine, to begin
whenever pain became unbearable as the end drew near.

Her mother told us one morning that an angel had come
to tell her not to fear, that her husband and son both were
waiting on her, that she would be delivered henceforth from
all pain. Her description of the angel happened to concur

in every detail – long gown, golden halo, pure, bright light
filling the room. She lived another five weeks without
ever taking any pain medication. It was amazing you might
say.” “The cancer in her brain was responsible no doubt.”

“Well, last night I awakened to find the room was filled
with brilliant light; a figure in gown, golden halo seemed
to float mid-air. He said “Hard times come. Blood will spill.
Despair not for I shall be at your side.” Had to be a dream!
Still I wonder...Do you believe in the existence of angels?”

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.17.02    printer friendly