The Day Hope Dies

A loved one disappears
without a trace
– in collapse of Twin Towers
– lost at sea
– camping in wilderness
– coming home from school
– shopping at mall

Initial fear, anger, worry, grief
HOPE for good news
Days pass
Weeks pass
Months pass
Worry, fear, doubt, uncertainty
live as your constant companions
....always HOPE for safe return

They could be
– unconscious in hospital somewhere
– washed up on deserted island
– held captive
– run away from life, living in California
– hurt but alive
– taken by aliens to Mars
HOPE sustains

The day comes when
authorities notify
body recovered
conclusive identification
HOPE dies this day

All HOPE dead, gone, buried
Unbearable grief
Better to know for certain?
Wouldn’t want to always be wondering?
Death is for forever

Reality is knowing no chance of ever again
– seeing them alive
– holding them
– talking with them
– being warmed by their touch or laughter
– having opportunity to apologize
– telling them how proud you are of them
– assuring them they are well and truly loved

It’s a terrible day the day when HOPE dies...
and reality can no longer be delayed or denied.

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.09.02    printer friendly