Rats And Roaches

A little child is squatting, very intently staring
at something – a spot on the porch, when his father
comes along. “What have you got there, sport?” Poking
at it, “A dead cockroach. Mommy killed it.” “Don’t bother

it. That is not something you should touch.” “Mommy HATES
roaches…and rats. She says every single rat and roach should
be killed since they are nasty.” “Yeah, seeing either one grates
on her nerves. She would exterminate them all if she could.”

“Daddy, why did God make bad animals like roaches and rats?”
“Such creatures are not inherently ‘bad’ by nature. Don’t you
like squirrels? Think of rats as being squirrels with tails that
aren’t bushy. Rats also don’t sleep at night like people do.

But rats are clean and smart. We just like squirrels because
they stay outdoors, out of our house. Thus, we hate rats since
our homes get invaded by them, scurrying behind the walls.
Had they stayed wild, seeing a rat we’d smile, not wince.

Same for roaches. They’re just soft-shelled beetles. You enjoy
catching beetles in the woods. Roaches are just too close to Man.
Now name an animal you consider ‘good’.” “Our dog, Kilroy.”
“Okay, but we hate coyotes because they annoy us. Next can

you tell me your very favorite animal?” “A lion!” “Well, if lions
lived wild in our neighborhood, you’d think them really ‘bad’!
My point is rats and roaches aren’t bad, deserving to be dying.
They are a nuisance to Man. Actually, their lot in life is rather sad.

So, God didn’t make any animals ‘bad’. Man did! Understand?”
“Yeah…but Mom and I are still gonna kill any rat or roach we can!”

Harry Edward Gilleland      09.04.02    printer friendly