About MEN

Ladies, by now it should be crystal clear.
Men are about SEX...more sex...pizza and beer.
We're simple creatures. Give us sex, sports, and food.
We don't want to be culturized. We like being crude.

We're rough and tough! We never feel; we never cry.
We're Tarzan. You're Jane. That's our constant alibi.
Our world is competition. Who drives the best car!
Being sensitive in a man's world won't get you far.

On the outside we wear this armor because we dare
not let you know inside how much we truly care
and how great is our capacity to love and cherish;
for being soft in a man's world, we might perish.

Only when we know you extraordinarily well
and are certain about us no one else you'd tell,
do we let our facade down, revealing our feminine side.
It's amazing how hard we work our true nature to hide!

Harry Edward Gilleland      07.13.02    printer friendly