Did You Hear The Organ Music?

I’m a scientist professionally.
Reason and logic must prevail.
Now I have no belief in angels or ghosts normally,
but I do swear that this is a true tale.

My mother-in-law recently died at age seventy-seven.
Nellie lived all her life in Louisiana in rural Hico,
a God-fearing country woman strongly believing in Heaven.
Their little church was attended faithfully, you must know.

For years Nellie always played the organ or piano,
accompanying singing of the choir every Sunday.
Her music was as heartfelt as found in all of Louisiana.
She loved best the sound of organ music, she’d always say.

Nellie had this favorite hymn to play on the organ, which
she always messed up playing during one particular place.
At Nellie’s funeral, the pianist was playing it without a hitch,
until at that particular place, she got a confused look on her face.

After the funeral, the pianist approached my wife and me.
“Was someone playing taped organ music during that one song?
I could faintly hear an organ playing. Because, you see,
it misplayed that one passage, almost causing me to play it wrong.”

Then my wife really gave me chill bumps! “I’m so glad to hear
you say that. I also heard organ music then as plain as could be.”
I’m thinking the power of suggestion must be working here.
Both must be subconsciously recalling past playings by Nellie.

A friend from our work in Shreveport, who had never heard
Nellie play, walked up. What she said left me actually dumb.
“Does this church have another organ somewhere? It sounds absurd,
but I never could figure out where that organ music was coming from.”

Harry Edward Gilleland      05.31.02    printer friendly