A Daughter’s Goodbye

“Faster! Can’t you drive any faster?”
The day had been dreary but ordinary,
right up until her older sister’s call brought disaster.
The roads were slick with rain - the wreck was very,

very bad. Her father was injured but would survive.
Her mother, not as fortunate, was in Intensive Care.
There wasn’t much time to see her mother alive.
“This trip is taking forever!”, her voice full of despair.

“I am flying now.” her husband says…but still he
pushes the pedal harder. His wife, crying softly,
“Yesterday I was busy when Momma phoned me.
I didn’t even tell her I love her, I hung up so abruptly.”

Finally they arrive at the hospital. She jumps out,
rushes inside to Intensive Care, where the family are all
gathered. There is no hope. She’s clung to life, but it’s about
over now. The men, fighting for control, cry. The women bawl.

This daughter enters her mother’s room. “Momma, it’s me.
I made it, Momma. I’m here with you. Can you understand?
I love you, Momma, I love you. I’ll always be your baby.”
She gently kisses her mother’s forehead, takes her hand.

Within minutes she’s gone…”You got to say goodbye,
not that she knew.” “ Momma knew. She waited for me to die.”

Harry Edward Gilleland      05.30.02    printer friendly