TRUE Love in the Morning

{ASIDE: Most poets probably write a love poem at some time or another. Here is my first poke at it...)

At birth of the new day
When the blackness of our bedroom
Melts gradually into muted gray,
Eyes slowly widening
I awaken to find
My love, my life, my wife
Still embraced by peaceful sleep
Lying closeby face to face.
Her countenance I carefully scrutinize
It seemingly as much illuminated
By the radiance from her inner beauty
As by the dawn's earliest sunlight.
Thoughts of all our past years
Filled with shared happiness and tears
Make my love stored deep inside
Begin to swell and rise
Reminding me of her gentle spirit,
Pure heart, sweet nature, receptive ways.
All my loving thoughts of her
Fill my heart, bring a smile, stir me
Hardening within the desire
To ever so softly deliver
A kiss on her slightly parted lips.
With this loving intent
Slowly closer I lean
Yew-w-w! Morning breath repels me!
Which is really just as well
My bladder demanding immediate relief!

Harry Edward Gilleland      08.23.01    printer friendly