Skinny Dipping In The Bayou

My neighbor told me this as being
total truth. He owns a country place
down south of Shreveport -- recent dredging
converted his shallow bayou into swimming space.

One day he goes to check on things.
Walking toward his swimming hole, he hears
much splashing, sounds of girly voices now ring
out clearly. There are trespassers present he fears.

His swimming hole is blessed with four lovely
ladies of college years; each is discreetly immersed
at neck-deep level – clothes on the bank, piled up neatly.
The girls, on spotting a “MAN”, all begin to curse.

“We’re NAKED! You must get out of here!
We’ll wait for hours if need be. Leave, you old satyr!”
My neighbor shouts “You girls are brave to swim in there.
I’m here to feed my bunch of hungry alligators!”

Then he waits…smiling all the while.

Harry Edward Gilleland      05.17.02    printer friendly