Nellie’s Dishwasher Experience

Many years ago, when my wife was a single mother,
her young son Jason stayed sick from one ‘bug’ or another.
Once she doctored him through a particularly bad strep throat,
which, a week later in her, high fever and malaise did promote.

So, her mother Nellie came from her Hico home to help Linda out.
Being a life-long rural resident, Nellie didn’t know much about
certain modern appliances city folk all had installed,
which ended up causing Linda to laugh, her mother to bawl.

What happened was, Linda had gone to bed for a nap,
and, Nellie, never one to sit around, her hands folded in her lap,
set about tidying up the kitchen…its dirty dishes she proceeded to load
into the dishwasher -- which would lead to trouble, if she’d only ‘knowed’.

She found some detergent, filled the receptacle on the washer’s door,
turned on the machine, and went into the den to listen to Linda snore.
Not knowing it wrong, she had filled the washer with liquid Dawn,
and quite soon, a veritable sea of bubbles it did spawn.

Soon Nellie noticed bubbles creeping around the corner into the den.
This was because millions and millions of soapy bubbles did descend
from around the washer door, creating a foot-deep layer on the floor.
Nellie turned it off, opened the door…letting out even more!

Linda recalls her mother awakening her, “Sorry to bother you, my dear,
but maybe you’d better come and see.” Soon they both were in tears --
Nellie from the mess she’d made, Linda from uncontrollable laughter.
It became a favorite memory for both to laugh about for years thereafter.

Harry Edward Gilleland      05.13.02    printer friendly



This poem won the SoulStarz Galaxy poetry forum's SUNSPOTS AWARD.