Memories...For Sale Cheap!

It's the day chosen to hold the estate sale,
selling everything to ready the house for listing.
Item after item sold, the day is going quite well.
Emotion tries to overcome...the daughter is resisting.

A stranger now approaches, with cake plate in hand.
"This is priced at $10. That's way too much.
Its metal cover has dents. There's a chip in its glass stand.
What do you think it's really worth - all dented and such?"

Thinks the daughter, "Through all my childhood years,
this cake plate was a source of constant sweet delights.
I remember coming home from school just as cake appears,
Mother smiling and waiting one of my favorite sights!

Even though it wasn't very expensive when new,
it always covered treats baked with Mother's love.
A memento of my childhood days and love I once knew,
what 'worth' might Mother suggest, watching from Above?"

Tears burn her eyes, now stream down her cheeks;
emotion chokes her, making it difficult for her to speak.
In a barely audible whisper..."For $5 it's yours to keep."

Harry Edward Gilleland      05.11.02    printer friendly