PLOP! The sound makes me turn and look.
A young boy’s face registers surprise,
turning instantly into dismay. It took
but a second to realize he has lost his prize.

Sitting together on the curb outside
Baskin Robbins, each of two lads, who seem
best buddies, has just applied tongue to the side
of his scoop of summertime’s first ice cream.

The frozen mound has fallen from
one boy’s cone, hitting the hot pavement
in a plopping flop. I would figure some
boys for anger, but he melts in disappointment.

“It’s okay. We’ll just have to share mine.”
says the boy still having his cone, offering
it to his friend to lick. I think, “What a kind
gesture! I’m watching true generosity, caring.”

But then his friend, annoyed, replies “I HATE
that flavor, as you well know. So, just stop!”
His empty gesture had fooled me. But, wait…
just then the boy lets his cone drop with a PLOP!

Harry Edward Gilleland      05.04.02    printer friendly