My wife being out of town,
after a lonely day, at midnight
I took Rusty and Pepper around
for their final walk of the night.
“Well, boys, we’re bacheloring it tonight.”

Just then ‘hooters’ sprung into my mind.
A man can never see ‘hooters’ too often!
Last spring I saw a large, really fine
pair almost every night back then.
(I admit I prefer it when ‘hooters’ are large.
The small ones can be too hard to locate!
However, in these cases Nature is in charge.
Sometimes the small ones must placate…)

For the first time this spring, from way up in
the tallest pine tree, it came to me, floating
softly upon the night air, “Hooo”… “Hooo” again.
Ah, such peace was that owl’s hooting promoting…

Harry Edward Gilleland      04.20.02    printer friendly



This poem won the SoulStarz Galaxy poetry forum's SUNSPOTS AWARD.