Soulsease Made Me Do It!

It all began innocently enough
with a small poem I wrote about birds.
Then soulsease commented about jambalaya and stuff,
about Cajun cuisine, using all those 'buzz words'.

I've been trying so hard to be good,
to watch what I eat. My doctor always tells
me to go on a diet, that if I only could
lose weight, it would help me keep well.

I tell him back that going on a diet
is never a problem. I've gone on diets
hundreds of times. Now staying on my diet,
that is a problem! But, he just won't buy it.

Then he starts talking ugly, using that f-word.
I've told him I don't like him talking like that,
that I am really at my ideal weight. "Absurd!"
he shouts, "You're just plain too, too FAT."

So, I'm on another darned diet again;
then soulsease throws tempting foods in my way.
I'd been doing so well. Weeks...well, days it'd been
since I was bad...until this morning I ate six beignets!

ASIDE: 'soulsease' is a moderator at The Maelstrom,
which is one of my favorite poetry posting forums.

Harry Edward Gilleland      04.03.02    printer friendly