I have this friend I call Marie.
She goes everywhere with me.

My husband and I are making vacation plans
to the mountains or to the sands.
But Marie says that being in the air is out,
"I'm not flying about!"

My husband has to have patience of a saint
with all the stress of waiting around
Then the bouncing and jiggling...
and restroom bound.
Makes Marie want to faint!
As we have not even got off the ground.

I had rather be in a car.
We can travel far.
Just think of all the people we get to meet
As we stop along every other street!

We never completely fill the tank with gas,
Because there is never a filling station
we can pass!

We would like to go boating and fish.
She says, "You can only wish!"
Sounds like fun
To play in the sun
But remember we can't do any
running or jarring
Or Marie will be warring!

A movie would be fun
But Marie halfway through
says, "I have to run!"
If only they could have intermission
every thirty minutes or so
that would allow me to go!

I want her to behave,
She tells me to be brave!
All my favorite foods are a no-no
But I wish they were a go-go!
My friend is my bladder you see!
and I have I.C.

[ASIDE: Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is a painful incurable bladder disease that
causes constant searching for rest rooms to relieve the symptoms of urinary
frequency, urgency, burning, pain, & pressure, often extreme in the
bladder. Life as we knew it before does not exist! It is difficult to
travel, go to a movie, eat out, have sex, and exercise. Over 1 million
people mostly women have it. For more information contact ICNetwork or ICA.]

Sperry Gilleland Graham and Harry Edward Gilleland, Sr.      06.23.02    printer friendly