Marcile S. Gilleland (1920 - 1997)

Marcile S. Gilleland (17 Dec 1920 - 1 Dec 1997), was the mother of this
site's main poet, Harry E. Gilleland (,Jr.). When I (Harry) asked my
84-year-old father (Harry E., Sr) recently to consider writing a poem for
the family page of this site, he said he could provide some poems by
Marcile. Imagine my surprise when Pop told me Mother had written poetry!
I never saw a poem by her while she was alive. Added to this page are several
of Mother's poems written in the year 1940. Sixty-two years after she penned
them, they finally are made public. Pop has saved a notebook of her poetry,
from which he has sent a sample.

When Eyes Converse
A Chat With Grandmother
A Tennis Debt
Mary Gilleland