Harry’s Money

ASIDE : Linda (Harry’s wife) retired after 30 years working at LSU Medical School at age 51. For a retirement celebration, Harry paid all expenses for Linda and her two sisters and her sister-in-law to go on a 4-day shopping spree in Dallas, Texas. Each lady had $750 to spend shopping within three days. Coming home the four ladies co-wrote this poem to commemorate the occasion.

Harry’s Money by Linda Gilleland, Sheila Baines, Janet (Sister) Jackson, and Charlotte Barham

For Linda’s retirement,
a shopping trip was planned.

Harry, oh Harry, we love you so.
If it weren’t for you, we could not go.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Dallas we go.

The first stop was Cracker Barrel of Shreveport
for brunch.
Sister made her first purchase -
a cup and saucer for Granny on a hunch.

Time for a bathroom break…

At Marshall, Sister read the instructions.
There were rules galore and more.
$750 each to spend - we whooped and hollered
and thought with that much money, shopping
would have no end.

Linda drove and she drove,
And we talked and we talked.
Thank you, Lord, that we didn’t have to walk.

There is Love’s Truck Stop!
Time for a bathroom break;
Linda, please stop.

On the first day,

$750 didn’t go a long way.
You see, even before Dallas,
there was an outlet mall
where we almost spent it all!

Socks, and shoes, purses, Sheila’s leather coat
and a vest,
we realized at this point, we needed to
continue west.

Time for a bathroom break…

We have realized shopping is our game
and having fun is our aim.

We weren’t sure we could spend all of our money
in three days, but at the end of Friday,
we weren’t sure we would have money
enough for Saturday!

Charlotte wanted everything in sight.
She bought and bought with all her might.

We looked and looked for the Embassy Suites
and about 10 miles down the road, we
turned around in defeat.

We finally made it to the hotel.
Now everything was swell.

Until, when we were on the elevator going
up to our 9th floor room,
Sister had a panic attack and really
began to swoon.

Time for a bathroom break…

So many shops, so much to eat!
Oh our aching feet.

Day 2…

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to the Stonebriar Shopping
Complex we go.

To buy a $50 trash can, Charlotte
would never do,
but with “Harry’s Money”
she was able to.

Friday’s deal of the day was a pair
of $48 pants for $4.99.
Sister was ecstatic over her (and Sheila’s)
great find.

Time for a bathroom break…

Lunch was at the Cheesecake Factory,
which was a blast.
A menu we got to help the memory last.

We ate supper at a fancy Italian Chophouse,
where we were NOT as quiet as a mouse.
Our waitress said we were something to
write home about.
We were her most unique customers,
without a doubt.
She was kind and sweet, and she
thought we were a trip.
So at the end of our meal, Linda
left her a great big tip.

Time for a bathroom break…

Day 3…

With not much money to spend,
We had to shop for the best deals within,
So - Hi Ho, Hi Ho to the Galleria we go.

Macy’s was having a Super Duper sale.
In this store, Charlotte did extremely well.

She made the “Saturday” purchase of the day,
a beautiful $300 bed spread and $59 was
all she had to pay.

Time for a bathroom break…

For an unexpected surprise, to Ginny’s
house we did drive.
To El Fenix we went to eat.
On my, what a treat!

Now to Neiman Marcus we made our way,
(on to “Marcus Welby” Sister did say);
we wondered why no one was there,
but we figured the prices were too costly
to bear.

Time for a bathroom break…

Purchases we tried to make,
only to find out we were too late.

The only thing we had in hand
when we left the store
was visions of butterflies as we
flew out the door.

Day four…

Late to bed and early we rose.
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Shreveport we goes.
(We were so tired that instead of rhyme,
we should have been writing prose.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Harry,
for the wonderful trip.
Just remember we chose Linda to
give you the tip!

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